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A software application is made of three essential parts:
1.Database Layer: Where all the data is retrieved or stored in a database/file system.
2.Logic Layer: All the logic is stored in this layer. This caters to processing the data between the front end and the back-end. All this logic is written in form of Application Programming Interface (APIs).
3.User Interface Layer: This is the front end of the application through which the users interact and all their actions are converted into instructions that are understandable to the software or vice versa.
Api Testing focuses on business logic layer of the software architecture.
Why Is API Testing Important?
Continuous testing is very important to make sure that the incremental software product works as per the requirements and nothing gets broken. In many of the organizations, the user interface is formed quite late for testing through the user interface and hence product testing comes quite late during the SDLC. The risk of putting a bad, and potentially insecure, product on the market is greater than the cost to test it.
Hence API testing is one of the best mechanism for the quick turnaround and providing the feedback to the developers on their code. A bad product released to the end users is catastrophic. API testing is one of the most challenging parts of the chain of software because QA team has to create an interface or framework to test both individual functionalities and a series or chain of functionalities, discovering how they work together from end to end. It is essential to test the APIs to make sure that:

It is doing what it is expected to do

It is able to sustain the load

It is able to recover in all types of weird interations done by the users

It works across devices, browsers, and operating systems

Types of Output of an API

Output of API could be

1. Any type of data

2. Status (say Pass or Fail)

3. Call to another API function.

AgiloWorks , being exposed to different technologies and having a strong development background , is best suited to help various clients in API Testing. In order to test an API, one will need to

Use a Testing Tool to drive the API

Write your own code to test the API

Why Us?

With strong development background, our team is highly capable to build complex frameworks for catering to the customer’s needs very quickly

We build our own scripts and frameworks in addition to using industry known tools and frameowrks like SoapUI, Postman, PACT etc

We are quite capable in setting up the test environments for doing API Testing , considering it many times becomes a complex task due to no GUI availability and customer’s needs from both provider and consumer’s point of view

Our engineers understand the functionality of the API program and clearly define the scope of the program

Various testing techniques such as equivalence classes, boundary value analysis and error guessing are applied based on which the test cases are written for the API

Based on our expertise, we are able to unearth various issues around error handling, unused flags, duplicate functionalities, multi threading issues, API performance , unstructured response output etc. This has helped our customers to get a quick feedback at the earlier phase of the development cycle

Services Offered Api Testing
  • Enterprise Application Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Desktop Application Testing
  • IoT App Testing
  • Platform Testing
Enterprise Application Testing
Do you want to create a portal with or without user generated content? We have the experience and the confidence to do it with precision.
Web Application Testing
Do you want to create a portal with or without user generated content? We have the experience and the confidence to do it with precision.
Desktop Application Testing
Capture the increasing trend of online shopping with an online store that increases your reach and opportunity.
IoT App Testing
Developing a database driven website needs detailed coding and careful execution. We have a handpicked team of experts to do both with prowess.
Platform Testing
Creating a great website isn’t the end of the story. We can maintain your site to keep them up-to-date.
Performance and Load Testing
Performance testing is a form of software testing that focuses on how a system behaves under a particular load. In today’s scenario, the client server applications are working in varying loads ranging from hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users and hence are expected to work successfully. Therefore, performance and load testing are very important aspects of testing done for any such application in order to predict the load it can sustain.
Performance testing should give developers the diagnostic information they need to eliminate bottlenecks.
AgiloWorks has a dedicated team which is expert in in developing the performance tests for applications. We have a strong expertise around licensed tools like Load Runner and open source like J-Meter and others . Our team with a strong development background has also customized the tests with different modules and scripts that provide lot of customized reports helpful for the customers.
Why Us?

As mentioned above, we have a dedicated team who understands the business from performance testing point of view and are able to do performance tuning

The team is able to do report analysis and finds the bottlenecks that are required to be optimized from coding point of view. This clear information helps the customers to act fast and improve their systems well

Cost effective solutions are provided to the clients

With our development background too, AgiloWorks has built in-house plug-ins and tools around different open source tools like J-Meter

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